Data Solutions

At Sumptuous Data Sciences we are focused on offering data solutions services through the business model suitable to our clients. Our staff is highly experienced in all major therapeutic disciplines and have supported numerous drug submissions for various regulatory authorities around the world. See more details in services offering below

A. Data advising for Healthcare platforms

  • Setting up data hosting platform
  • Structured data collection in accordance with the healthcare data standards
  • Implementation of FHIR -HL7 and OMOP- CDM
  • B. Ingestion and Curation of Healthcare data

  • Ingestion and Curation of Healthcare data
  • Interoperability establishment for various healthcare data standards
  • Implementation of terminologies and data dictionaries
  • ETL process implementation
  • C. Data analytics

  • Assessments of Phenotypes and biomarkers
  • Generating Real -World Evidence.
  • Pharmacovigilance Services.
  • D. Clinical Data Modelling and Analysis Processes

  • SDTM development and compliance processes
  • ADaM modelling processes including Analysis Results Meta-data
  • PKPD Modelling, analysis and reporting
  • Data Anonymization Processes
  • E. Implementation of data reporting infrastructure

  • Development of Custom TLF infrastructure
  • TLF Reporting and standardization
  • Global Utility development
  • F. HEOR Services

  • Longitudinal data analysis
  • Clinical outcomes analysis