About Us

We are a team of expert strategic consultants, biostatisticians, data scientists, and statistical programmers, who have been working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry for past 15 years. Our team members are veteran data scientists working in healthcare and clinical data and research analytics and in healthcare and clinical data reporting in various therapeutic areas with special focus on Oncology, Immunology, and rare diseases, and infectious Diseases.

In addition to this, our team has also been working extensively on data received from various healthcare data sources such as labs, hospitals, patient registries, as well as insurance claims data. We hold significant subject matter expertise in leading industry data standards in healthcare and clinical data. Our collaborative efforts across the globe help provide value proposition to our clients through implementation of innovative methods while optimizing the cost advantage. Our research and analytics services are focused on data visualization, real world evidence generation, research data modelling, mining, and analysis. These services help our clients to execute the right business and scientific decisions in a timely manner. Our leads drive industry trends including applications of machine learning, and automation in research and analytical services.

Our Leadership Team:

Ms. Debdutta Banerjee (Director, Data Solutions)

Debdutta has been working in the pharmaceutical Industry for 7+ years. During her tenure, she was engaged with the global sales team to identify and win potential opportunities within the Lifesciences practice and end to end Clinical trials Phases and be the key point of contact for Clients. Her another key role is to understand customer requirements and deliver the right talent to fulfill the requirement. She also manages solutions, writing proposals, costing for the project, and SOWs with different cost models with Cross-Functional Collaboration. She is Currently based out of Toronto, Canada.

Mr. Sanket Kalyankar (Director, Technical Operations)

Sanket has over 10 years of pharmaceutical experience primarily focused on application development using R, and Python. His expertise also includes electronic submission processes and he has significant experience in Pinnacle 21 processes, define.xml, and in healthcare data analytics and usage of OMOP-CDM model. His expertise include reporting and addressing clinical data traceability and transparency issues. Sanket is based out of Pune, India.

Mr. Aayush Bhoraskar (Director, Biostatistics and Statistical Programming)

Aayush has 8+ years of experience working in the biostatistics and statistical programming sectors in the pharmaceutical industry with focus on oncology, immunology, and infections/infestations therapeutic areas. He has worked as a study statistician with focus on Phase I/IIa clinical trials, and lead statistical programmer for various multiple studies and submissions. Aayush is experienced with conducting biostatistics and statistical programming activities ranging from sample size estimation and protocol inputs to development of ADaM datasets and TLFs. Having worked from New Jersey for 4 years, Aayush is now based out of Toronto, Canada.

Ms. Pallavi Bakare-Inamdar (C.E.O. , India Operations)

Ms. Bakare has over 16 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. Her experience includes implementation of CDISC standards including SDTM, CDASH and ADaM. She has extensive experience in data transformations, defining CDISC standards for standard as well as for non-standard domains, and in ensuring regulatory compliance for data. She has also developed processes related to implementation and enforcement of CDISC standards. Her expertise is in Oncology, Ophthalmology and Immunology therapeutic areas. She is based out of Pune, India.

Ms. Sheetal Shiralkar (Director, Business Operations)

Ms. Shiralkar has over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. Sheetal is currently looking at logistics, and operations of Sumptuous Data Sciences, USA and is also involved in operations of Sumptuous Canada. After working as a programmer/analyst for several years, Sheetal started focusing on focusing on operations and processes set up for Sumptuous Data Sciences. Sheetal is based out of Princeton, New Jersey.

Ms. Yucheng Chu (Director, Biostatistics)

Ms. Chu has over 14 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry with focus on Oncology, and Immunology therapeutic areas. Her experience includes managing biostatistics activities for multiple regulatory submissions, and for several clinical trials. She also has experience in using various technological applications for efficient statistical modelling, data visualization, statistical reviews and statistical report generation. She is an SME in CDISC ADaM implementation. Ms. Chu is based out of Princeton, New Jersey.

Mr. Parag Shiralkar (President)

Mr. Shiralkar has over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. In his tenure, he performed at various roles such as biostatistician, statistical programmer, and have taken executive management and oversight roles in programming, biostatistics, and data operations functions. He has lot of experience of development of processes, SOPs, technology implementation and infrastructure management. He has done regulatory submissions oversight for drugs in immunology, Oncology, CNS, and Cardiovascular areas. Mr. Shiralkar is based out of Plainsboro, New Jersey.

Advisory Board

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